Ken Jenkins

Ken has worked in the LBM business for over 17 years, including senior management experience in the manufacture of building products. He has a keen understanding of the relationship among vendors, manufacturers and the independents, as well as a thorough understanding of the contractor and consumer base in every region of the country. Ken's highest priority for Castle is to "buy competitively day to day" in order to keep its independent dealers competitive. "The result is that Castle shareholders enjoy greater returns today than ever before. There can be no greater testament to the strength of the team we've built," says Ken. "My job is to make them stronger and stronger."



The Power of Thank You

I have a never-fail business tip for you and it’s one of the earliest lessons we were ever taught as a child: say “thank you.” The value of these two sorely underused words goes far...

Own Your Destiny: The Coolness of Being an Entrepreneur

In my previous blog we looked at how small business owners breathe life into the communities they serve. Yet, entrepreneurship transcends the simple pleasures of economic success. Many entrepreneurs enjoy a strong sense of accomplishment...

Small Business, Big Impact

The New Year is an apt time to reflect and to set down our goals and aspirations—one of mine being the starting of this blog—and I can’t help but also reflect on the crucial...

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